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When Chelsea was here, she got me hooked on green tea lattes.

Now when she first told me about it I was afraid

powder {matcha} made from green tea leaves swirled with milk; served hot, over ice, or as a frappuccino.

File:Matcha tea.jpg

Our first stop on Saturday was the Starbucks to figure out what this whole matcha business was about. She sold me on the “you’re getting the WHOLE leaf’s nutrients” aspect of matcha.

What It Is: Matcha Powder & Milk of Choice + Classic Syrup

My Style: Soy, No Classic, Iced

Order Up: “Iced Green Tea Latte, 2%, no classic…please 🙂 “

Power Pump: I’ve added protein powder to mine for a quick and easy breakfast

With my first sip I thought, mmmm earthy. It kind of has that super faint spinach aftertaste, as though you were drinking a Green Monster.

The Classic…

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